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Ghungroo ( 1983 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Rani Kaushalya Devi who treats her state administrator Dewan Vikram like her own son, wants to get him married to Princess Priya. But Vikram has found his true love in Kesarbai, a dancer. Vikram and Kesar get married secretly. Kaushalya Devi forces him to marry the Princess. Kesarbai who gives birth to a baby girl is banished by her community. With nowhere to go, its Suraj who comes to her rescue. As time goes by Renu, the daughter of Kesar and Vikram meets Kaushalya Devi's own son and they fall in love with each other. History repeats itself. The palace from where Kesar was once thrown out is to be now occupied by her daughter Renu as the princess, or else the prince, the only son of the Queen, shall abdicate and leave the palace for his love...

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