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Giri ( 2004 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Giri's story is as old as the sky. It is about two landlords of two villages and their internecine quarrels. FEFSI Vijayan and Vinu Chakravarthy, the duo, cannot see eye to eye on anything and their vision is also full of villainy for the other. n one of the fights, Vijayan's sons are slain and he vows to do the same to Vinu Chakravarthy's son. But the latter packs off his younger son to an unknown place --- nobody knows where he ends up.So Vijayan is always on the look out for the missing son of his rival. In the meanwhile, Vinu Chakravarthy's family is helped out by the son of one of his servants. Needless to say, the servant's son, Arjun, is loyal and goes to any length to save the family. Adding intrigue to the script, the run-away son returns after 20 years as Prakash Raj, the honest police official with a mission --- to unite the warring groups of the village. However, his plans come unstuck as the revenge-seeking Vijayan finishes him off. Before he dies, Prakash Raj seeks out Arjun and urges him to save his son and wife (Deivayani) livingin Chennai.The rest of the story is all about how Arjun keeps his vow to Prakash Raj. "

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