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Gomathi Nayakam ( 2004 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Kunjappan (Ponvannan) is focused on his dream of becoming a film star. His ambitions are further fuelled with encouragement by his brother-in-law and his friends. They even ask him to change his name to ""Gomathi Nayakam"" since that would suit a film star better. But his father Nenjappan (Manivannan) and his sister (Vanitha) want him to give up on his far-fetched dreams, get married and settle down. Meanwhile, Parameshwari (Haripriya), the daughter of a school headmistress moves in to the village as her mother is transferred to work in the same village where Gomathi Nayakam lives. Her lover Aravindan follows her into the village. When Gomathi Nayakam learns of Aravindan's love for Parameshwari, he promises to unite the two. He assumes that Parameshwari too is in love with Aravindan, while the truth is that she does not harbor any such feelings for him. On the other hand, Gomathi Nayakam's cousin Sevanthi is trying to win him over, but he does not succumb. The story takes a turn when Aravindan has to go abroad for a training program. He reminds Gomathi Nayakam of his promise before leaving. But fate has something else in store and due to the turn of events, Gomathi Nayakan is forced to marry Parameshwari in Aravindan's absence. Aravindan returns for his lady love. How does Gomathi Nayakam resolve this crisis? "

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