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Goonda ( 1984 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Ravi (Chiranjeevi) is the son of a sincere police officer SP (Satyanarayana). Ravi accidentally becomes responsible for his neighbour loosing his eye sight. Fearing his father, Ravi leaves his home and runs away to Calcutta where he meets a well know Don. Ravi turns into a dacoit and changes his name to Kalidas and starts following his guardian in the illegal activities. But unfortunately, his guardian gets killed in an encounter and he requests Kalidas to leave the underworld and lead an honest life. Kalidas changes his name to Raja and goes back to his village. On his way he happens to save SP from goondas. Raja recognises his father but SP fails to recognise Raja, and beacuse of his dark life in the past Raja is not willing to tell SP about their relation. SP introduces Raja to his family members and also to Radha who is the daughter of their neighbour who once lost his eye sight because of Raja. Now Raja needs to deal with the dacoits who are planning to kill his father and also he need to create a good relationship with his family so that they can accept him. Is Raja successful in this. Check out from the movie Goonda. "

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