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Gumnam Hai Koi ( 2001 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Ila lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai along with her father, Lajpat, and step-mother, Mamta. When Billa DeCosta attempts to molest Ila and locks up Lajpat in another room, Mamta comes to her rescue, gets injured, but summons Inspector Veer Singh, who takes Billa away. A grateful Lajpat decides to make both daughter and wife heirs to his estate. Shortly thereafter he is killed allegedly by Billa, who is subsequently shot dead by Veer Singh. Ila decides to be a film actress and acts in a movie opposite leading man, Sanjay, who lives as a paying guest in Santa Cruz, and the movie 'Gumnam Hai Koi' turns out to be a success. Both Ila and Sanjay fall in love and with Mamta's approval decide to first get engaged and then married. Before that could happen, Ila finds out that Sanjay has been having an affair with a movie writer, Deepa Sahni, and decides not to have to do anything with him...

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