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Gumrah ( 1962 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Meena lives with her retired and widowed dad in picturesque Nainital. Her sister, Kamla, is married to a well-known Barrister, Ashok, and has two children, Pappu and Dolly. When Kamla comes for a visit, she finds out that Meena is in love with Rajendra, a painter and singer, who she approves of, and would like to get them married. However, Kamla meets with an accident and passes away. Meena's marriage is arranged with Ashok and lives in his palatial house in Bombay. A year later when they return to Nainital, a visibly upset Rajendra gets in touch with Meena and they rekindle their romance. When Meena gets back to Bombay, Rajendra follows her and they continue to meet in secret. Things gets complicated when Meena finds out that Rajendra is married to a woman named Leela. "

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