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Haage Summane ( 2008 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Preetham (Kiran) born in an aristocrat family is not good in studies but able in lying and living. He is a clever guy waiting for the right lady love. When he sees Kushi (Suhasi) he is convinced that she is the right match for him. He is behind Kush madly. He is able to spend Rs.50 lakhs for the proposal of his love to The lavishness of Preetham also does not change the attitude of Kushi. When Preetham express his mind to Kushi she explains the mistaken identity in him. Yet Preetham is not ready to give up. He begs to stay for three days in Kushi's house and puts a challenge that he would change her conception of mind. Preetham fails even in this front. That is because of the strong mind of Kushi. She is not able to deliver a child and that is the reason why she turned down the offer. Preetham is ready to marry her and adopt children in the life after marriage. Vendor: Aananda Audio Video

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