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Hafta Vasuli ( 1998 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Lotiram Khabadia is an MLA based in Bombay, who is corrupt, and involved in all kinds of criminal activities. He has close links with another gangster cum wrestler, Tamancha. As elections are coming close, Lotiram and Tamancha start canvasing for themselves, to retain power. Their competitor is an eunuch by the name of Chayavati. The people pronounce their verdict, and Chayavati is elected. Lotiram is devastated. Even Tamancha will have nothing to do with him. Upset at the humiliation at the hands of Tamancha, Lotiram seeks the help of a former municipal employee, Yeshwant, and becomes a witness for the prosecution, so as to enable them to lay charges against Tamancha. Corrupt elements within the police alert Tamancha, who is enraged at Lotiram, and will do anything to stop him from testifying against him.

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