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Hanan - An Assault on Faith ( 2005 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: In a remote village in India a man called Pagla (madman) serves the temple priest. One day a wealthy man brings a mentally challenged young woman named Pagli (madwoman) to serve in the temple. Pagla and Pagli fall in love with each other and decide to get married, incurring the ire of the entire village. To escape their wrath the couple flees to the city. Upon arrival, they come across Police Inspector Pardesi who sees tremendous potential in them for making some money. He arranges to house them in an under-construction building, makes a temporary temple and even arranges for devotees to line-up, pay large sums of money and get their blessings. Little does Pardesi know that Pagla is just an alias for Shamsher Singh, a dreaded bandit, wanted for several murders, and pretending to be a madman to elude the police.

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