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Hattrick Hodimaga ( 2009 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: The movie revolves around Suryaa well-educated guy who is living a decenthappy life with his loving mother and physically-challenged sister. But he becomes a pawn in the hands of two rival gangs in the cityboth led by cousins. In an altercation Surya kills the brother of a woman don who then turns against Surya. Surya s everyday family life is shattered by these turn of events. But like most action flicksthe hero emerges victorious in the end. The only romantic angle amidst all this violence is when a schoolteacher falls in love with Surya.After success of movie Jogi Hattrick hero Shivaraj Kumar seems to be trying his luck with another sentimental-cum-action movie. His much hyped movie Hodi Maga changed to Hattrick Hodi Maga is all about mother love and gang war.

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