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Hey Ram ( 2000 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Saket Ram (Kamal Hassan) and his close associate and friend Amjad Ali Khan (Shahrukh Khan) are archaeologists working at the excavation sites of Mohenjodaro. Aparna Ram (Rani Mukherji), Saket�s simple Bengali wife, is a schoolteacher. She lives in Calcutta in the midst of riots and chaos over the issue of the formation of Pakistan and the call by Mohammad Ali Jinnah for -- Direct Action. Saket is swept into the political madness. A group of Muslims brutally rape and murder Aparna. Saket, unable to cope with his tragic loss, goes on a killing spree. He comes across Sriram Abhyankar, who is part of a Hindu militant group determined to fight the Muslims and Saket becomes a part of his militant organisation that plots to do away with Mahatma Gandhi.

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