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High Class Atha Low Class Alludu ( 1997 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Uma Devi is a wealthy woman who's as high-strung as she is arrogant. She dislikes poor people and believes they're beneath her. When her husband disagrees with her, she loses respect for him and treats him like dirt. She kicks her older daughter out of her house when she marries an auto-rickshaw driver. Her younger daughter, Bhama, falls in love with Gopi (Ali), a common man from a small village. Gopi enters their house as regular domestic help but, Uma Devi soon finds out about his true identity. Gopi is actually her sister-in-law's son, who's raised by Uma Devi's estranged husband. Gopi plans to teach his aunt a lesson in humility by taunting her with pranks and jokes. The movie is an all out comedy that revolves around how he falls in love with Bhama and at the same makes his aunt realize the true importance of family. "

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