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Hitler ( 1996 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Madhava Rao (Chiranjeevi) is a loving yet strict brother of five younger sisters. Life is fine until one of his sisters, Ammo, elopes with her bava (Rajendra Prasad) because Madhava has her eldest sister marry a widower. She is banished from the house but she moves in next door. Their father (Dasari Narayana Rao) comes back to see his children, but they hate for deserting them and their mother and marrying someone else. The village goons (Rami Reddy & Prakash Raj) in order to get back at Madhava have his sisters\' dance teacher take them to a shady motel, but their father rescues them. However, he is blamed for their being in a police station. Later their father is murdered and his two daughters from his second marriage stay with Madhava. His other sisters are unhappy and go to Ammo\'s house. Her husband in trying to fix everything is ambushed and attacked and blames Madhava, who after fighting the villains, decides to leave. But he stops and returns to his family. "

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