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Howrah Bridge ( 1958 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Rakesh(Ashok Kumar) lives with his dad and brother Madan in Rangoon. One day, Madan who had fallen into bad company steals the family heirloom and flees to India. Shortly thereafter his dead body is found under Calcutta�s Howrah Bridge. To unravel the mystery behind his brother�s death and also to recover the family heirloom, Rakesh heads for India. His investigations take him to a shady hotel run by Uncle Joe, where an attractive dancer named Edna performs a dance every night. Rakesh finds himself attracted to Edna, and she decides to assist him. In the course of his search it is known that a man named Bhiku had witnessed his brother�s murder. Rakesh now sets off on his trail but before he can reach him, Bhiku goes missing leaving a helpless Rakesh with no clue.

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