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Indra - The Tiger ( 2002 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Shankarnaryan was a zamindar in a village near Hyderabad. His names is "INDRA" The village people treats him as god. Indra cares for people, and helpes eveyone in many ways. In the same village lives another Zamindar family of Shivnath, his sons Veershankarnath and four brothers, daughter Sneha. Indra and Veerashankarnath's family are enemies, and this is coming from their forefathers. Seeing Indra's nature and braveness, Sneha starts loving Indra. Indra wishes to construct a dam for village people, and he approaches District collector for this. The collector informs him that the place where the dam has to be constructed belongs to Veerashankarnath's family. Indra says at any cost he is ready to buy the land for dam. Veerashankar & brother ask Indra to write and give his whole property and leave the village in return for their land. What happens next?

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