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Iniyavale ( 1998 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Prabhakar (Prabhu) is forced by his parents to get married. He tries his best to postpone the wedding, but they insist that he meets the girl, Meena (Suvalakshmi), first and then decide. He decides to tell the girl about his not wanting to marry, through a letter. But when he reaches her house, the girl approves of him and gives her consent to the marriage. Taken aback, Prabhakar tells his mother that he is not interested in the wedding. Unable to handle this, Meena commits suicide. Meena's family holds Prabhakar's family responsible for her death. In order to restore the happiness in Meena's house, Prabhakar tries to win a place in her sister Manju's (Keerti Reddy) heart. Manju and her parents are aghast at this. In the meantime, Prabhakar meets Meena's dance teacher (Gouthami) who is already in love with him. Will Prabhakar be able to give the solace to Meena's family? Will Meena's family accept the fact that Meena's death was a freak accident? Or will he choose to marry someone who loves him dearly? "

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