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Inkaar ( 1977 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Haridas Choudhry lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay India along with his wife Sonu son Guddu and sister Geeta. He had started his career as a lowly cobbler on a the corner of a busy street but is now the owner of a shoe company. His associates want him to make shoes that wear out soon but he refuses to do so and would like to buy out National Shoes for 20 Lakh Rupees. He withdraws the money but before he could undertake the transaction Guddu gets kidnapped and the demand from his abductors is for 20 Lakhs. Much to his relief he finds out that his servants son Bansi has been mistakenly abducted in place of his son. Nevertheless he decides to pay the ransom this time with the help of Inspector Amarnath Gill his sisters estranged boyfriend who he had turned down as he was not wealthy enough. The money is turned over to the kidnappers two associates Manmohan and Preeti

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