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Inth Ka Jawab Patthar ( 2002 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: B.K. of B. K. Builders has glorified his business on gunpoint. He occupies the best land in the metropolis and extorts money from the frightened smaller builders. A revolutionary young builder Devendra now pledges to overthrow B.K. and ruin his regime once for all. But it iss not an easy task for Devendra as he realises that the local police officer and the state Minister- Gajanan Garate are fostering B.K.'s interests. B.K. is shaken when an honest Mohan Das sells his land to Devendra instead of him. Abiding by his principles, Mohan Das doesn't agree to build a casino on his ancestral land but a big school to educate children, B.K. kills Mohan Das and frames Devendra. But Devendra decides to build the school on Mohan Das land and fulfil the wish of Mohan Das. To break the monopoly of B.K. and relieve the oppressed builders. To unmask the currupt minister, Gajanan Garate and the corrupted police officers. To prove himself innocent before Police Commissioner and C.B.I. Officers, he has to mount an operation with vengeance and ultimately kill B.K.

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