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Ippadiku Kadhaludan Seenu ( 2007 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Ippadiku Kadhaludan Seenu:- The stort talks about friendship and love. Romantic melodrama exploring different dimension of narrating love and friendship. The climax is full of suspense and has hilarious turn in the story.Protagonist Dillip is a very helping guy among his surrounding and everyone loves him. When Dillip friend's sister falls in love with Seenu the story takes the turn of problematicing the friendship and love and it starts explaining the own understanding. Protagonist struggling between love and friendship,he has choice to choose. But his friend gives up his position and accent for their marriage after prolonged drama.Third phase of the film making very complex suituation between two couples.Dillip's friend Prakash forced to take the offer of his girl's brother and exchanging of sister for marriage. Lots of suspense bringing interest from everyone to watch the remain.Directed by Madhu. Music director Srinivasan. "

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