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Iru Kodugal ( 1969 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Gopinath (Gemini Ganesan) lives happily with his wife Jaya (Jayanthi) and their three children. They are content in thier own little world. However, when a new collector takes over Gopinath's office, his world is shattered because she is none other than Janaki (Sowcar Janaki), his first wife. He grows even more restless when he learns about his son Ramu. Jaya also observes her husband's strange behaviour and questions him about it, but in vain. Even as Gopinath and Janaki are still coming to terms with the fact that time cannot be reversed, their office grapevine says that they are having an affair. They tell Jaya the same through an anonymous phone call. Meanwhile, Prabhakar (Gopinath's and Jaya's son) and Ramu become friends. Destiny plays it's final game when Ramu dies in an accident. What happens to Janaki now? What will happen when Jaya discovers the truth about her husband? "

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