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Ishhya ( 2006 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Vaibhav and Rasika are a happily married couple. They are professionally well settled and are pleased to accept each other's diametrically opposite nature. Vaibhav is very fond of children whereas Rasika is more concerned about her looks due to which she does not wish to get pregnant. Hence, there is a big vacuum in their life...the joy of being a parent! Vaibhav could not tolerate this and their relationship starts suffering. One fine morning, Vaibhav wakes up and finds himself in a weird situation. He could not understand the meaning of all the changes occurring in him over a period of time. Vaibhav's friend notices that these changes are the symptoms of pregnancy. Now, that is too shocking, isn't it? Can you ever imagine a man becoming pregnant? Catch this hilarious story that questions the system of nature? "

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