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Iyer The Great ( 1990 ) , Malayalam

Synopsis: "Vaikundam Iyer,a normal business executive leads a normal family life along with his wife and mother.One day,up on climbing a tall tree in order to capture an escaped pet parrot,Iyer undergoes giving him the power of clairvoyance.His mind undergoes severe strain after this opening a new revelation.A couple of days later,he foresees a train accident with exact train number,and time of incident and warns the railway authorities.But failing to take his warning in to account,a huge accident takes place killing more than a hundred passengers,making Iyer to hit headlines.Iyer gets an insight about adding steroids into a particular brand of baby food by Gabrias group,its manufacturers.Iyer contacts Amala,a new reporter who brings out this incident in to limelight,ending up the business empire of Gabrias.Gabria vows to avenge Iyer,and plants a bomb in his car killing his entire family.In retaliation Iyer kills Gabrias,but is shot and admitted in hospital.At hospital,he makes predicts the setting of sun on Thursday.But Amala realizes that it was Iyer who is going to die on Thursday and not Sun.The police offers severe protection to Iyer.But a terrorist group successfully enters inside hospital shooting down Surya Narayana Iyer."

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