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jai aashapura maa ( 2010 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Jay Ma Ashapura Maa. Common man is having lots of wishes and who fulfills all his wishes and hopes is Ma Ashapura. There is a worshiping place ( Gadh of Mata) in Kuchh, where devotees come down to worship their favourite deity Ma Ashapura. Heroine of the movie is Ganga and she is true devotee of Maa like other common devotees. Ganga has lost her mother and now she considers Ma Ashapura as her mother. It's a old saying that it's easy to have waves trouble in the steady water of happiness. Similarly, Ganga faces lots of hurdle and problem from her mother in law and her sister in law. But the love of husband Anand and rock-solid faith in Ma Ashapura were invisible powers of Ganga. With this power, Ganga fights out her mother in law her elder sister in law and tantrik Mahakaal. This movie will show how the mother of this universe Ma Ashapura helps her devotee Ganga and how she removes dark clouds of sorrow from her life. The union of Love, faith, trust and faith means this Gujarati movie... Jay Ma Ashapura Ma. "

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