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Jai Jagannath ( 2007 ) , Nepali

Synopsis: "The story of Jai Jagannath is based on the ancient scripture Lakshmi Puran. The untouchables were not allowed to pray, worship and perform rituals to God in ancient times. Sriya dares to pray and worship and wins over the support of Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is separated by Lord Jagannath at the behest of his brother Balram because she ends discrimination on earth by encouraging even untouchables to conduct rituals and worship. As Lakshmi moves out of Jagannath's household both Jagannath and Balram undergo immense suffering. They realised the importance of Lakshmi and were keen to bring her back to their abode. Lakshmi returned to Jagannath's abode on the condition that there will be no discrimination of caste and creed on earth. "

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