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James Bond 777 ( 1971 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " The adventures of kishore (Krishna) a James bond 777 CBI agent battle with criminal masterminds with the help of the heroine Vijayalalitha (Sopa).the movie also includes a trio of highly trained dogs which makes the a watch worth.Satyanaryana plays as the villain in the movie.He (Satyanarayana) kills Krishna father and mother which makes krishna to have revenge on him.Slowly Satnarayana grows and becomes a mafia don.He kills every Cbi agent appointed to catch him.In one such incident Satyanarayana kills vijalalitha's father.She requests the police official the she would catch hold of the mastermind (Satyanarayana).She with the help of Krishna ,how they stop Satyanarayana from his illegal activities and catch hold of him form the rest of the story. "

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