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Jawani Diwani - A Youthful Joyride ( 2005 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Jawani Diwani is a 2006 Hindi comedy film directed by Manish Sharma & starring Emraan Hashmi, Celina Jaitley, Tiku Talsania and Mahesh Manjrekar. Mann Kapoor (Emraan Hashmi) lives a middle-class lifestyle. He wants to be a singer. He would like to be represented by Umesh Jumani (Tiku Talsania), the Managing Director of a recording company, and in order to do this he successfully woos his attractive daughter, Radha (Hrishitaa Bhatt), gets her to fall in love with him, and in this way secures a contract to make an album with her dad's company. His friends arrange for a bachelor party in Goa, and while partying he falls in love with Roma (Celina Jaitley). Roma also falls in love with him, but is heart-broken when she finds out that he is to wed Radha. Torn between his love for Roma and the commitment he made with Radha, a lovelorn Mann returns home - not knowing that fate will disrupt his life when Radha and Umesh eventually finds out that he has been two-timing Radha, and a confrontation with an underworld don, Chappu Bhai (Mahesh Manjrekar), who wants to ensure that Mann keeps his promise to Roma and weds her at any and all costs."

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