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Jeevan Daata ( 1991 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super hit Movie Jeevan Daata (1991) Synopsis : Jeevan Daata (1991) tells about the Guddu and his sister Guddi who separates from their parents and they take shelter in the temple. At that time Guddi is ill so Guddu goes to get medicine for her. When he returns, he is shocked that his sister is not there. After some years Guddu is named as Shankar and he grown up criminal. After several incidents he comes to the assistance of a CBI Officer, Vijay Sharma. Shankar and Kiran who is daughter of Vijay fall in love with each other. In the meantime Vijay is killed by some one, now Shankar and Kiran joins together to look for Vijay\'s death. The rest of the story tells how he take revenge for Vijay's murder and how he and his sister Guddi reunite and how he reacts when he knows about his mother? "

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