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Jor ( 2008 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: "Surja (Jeet) is a sportsman who loves to run. On a championship tour, he goes to Shiliguri where he runs into an influential gang leader, Indrajit, who forcefully tries to make Sumi (Barsha Priyadarshini) his wife. Surja rescues Sumi and they escape from Shiliguri. After coming to his home in Kolkata, Surja hides Sumi from his family members. He attempts to arrange for Sumi's departure to the US where her relatives live. Indrajit and his gang arrive in Kolkata in search of Sumi. They use their political and social influence with the local police and get Surja arrested although Surja manages to convince the police officer to release him. Surja gets Sumi back from Indrajit's house. Meanwhile Surja's sister is kidnapped by Indrajits gang members. "

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