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Kalanckk ( 2007 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " This story is based on social problems. It's a story of the Pimpalgaon village where lots of corruption takes place. All villagers were in trauma. As Patil of village was ruining the villagers life style. But only one man in the whole village opposed him and that person is the school sir and Patil's cousin brother. Patil's weakness was liquor and ladies and he was behind after one of his poor servants beautiful wife. And he tries all possible ways to accomplish her. She was poor but still was self respected lady and does not entertain his troubles. Resulting, he tries to rape her and spoil her name in society, but unsuccessfully fails. He feels insulted and feels like looser and get very angry on her. He tries all possible ways to harass her. Blames her for doing superstitions over the villagers and removes her from village. Still he doesn't feel satisfied so he forces her to move in village half nude. But the school sir was against it and supports the lady. He fights for her justice. Fights against systems but the corrupted followers of Patil creates lots of problems to the school sir due to which he losses his job. They are blamed as they are carrying an illegal relationship, but still they don't lose hopes and finally gets success in fighting for her rights. Later, her husband feels guilty for his behavior and accepts her with respect. "

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