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Kalki ( 1996 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Chellammaa , a singer, is wedded to a chauvinistic, sadistic industrialist named Prakash. She is unable to beget a child and hence is the target of hurting words from Prakash and his mother. When he prohibits her from singing, it is the last straw for her and they divorce. He marries Karpagam, a doormat wife, while Chellammaa stays single, with a cook Kokila around to help her. Kalki works in an ad agency and is relentlessly pursued by co-worker and model Paranjothi but she not only rejects him but debunks love and sentiments. Chellammaa becomes friends with Kalki after a few encounters and Kalki moves in as a paying guest. But she strikes up a friendship with Prakash and as the result of an affair with him, she ends up bearing his child. What happens of this leads up to the climax "

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