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Kanave Kalaiyathe ( 1999 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Anand (Murali) and Amrita (Simran) are lovers. Amrita hails from Punjab while Anand is a Tamilian. In order to seek the approval of Amrita's parents for their marriage, Anand goes to Amrita's home in Punjab. But before they can unite, Amrita and her family die in a freak accident. Unable to bear the seperation, Anand goes into depression. His friends take him to Chennai with the hope that he will start life afresh. But there, life throws a googly at him when he sees Sharada (also played by Simran), Amrita's look-alike. After the initial hiccups, Anand and Sharada fall in love with each other and decide to get married. But at this point, Anand learns that Shekar, Sharada's old lover, is still waiting for her. How is Anand going to handle this strange game of fate? "

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