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Kanne Manasulu ( 1966 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Gummadi is a thief , once he kidnaps a married woman to grab her bangles. when gummadi tried to rape her a night unfortunately he met with fire accident and loses his eyes, taking that accident as chance that married woman escaped from there to her house. But her husband not allowed her to be with him as she spent with that theif(gummadi). As she is pregnant she can't bear & tried to commit suicide. She was saved by some elder one and allowed her to stay with him. After some days she gave birth to a female baby. Gummadi's wife last wish to stop robberies and took promise to make his son well educated. As even he is blind he struggles hard to become a rich person. His son returns from foreign to see him after his education. Story begins there as gummadi's son & that poor lady kid fell in love together. Rest of the story you can see in the movie. "

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