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Kanni Paruvathile ( 1979 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Kannama (Vadivukarasi), an innocent village belle, is in love with Subbiah (Rajesh). Subbiah is an orphan and hence, denied marriage with Kannama by her father. Subbiah's friend Cheenu (Bhagyaraj) comes to the village and, with his support, Subbiah abducts Kannama and marries her. After his marriage, Subbiah learns that he is unfit for married life. Kannama and Subbiah keep this a secret and pretend to all that they are leading a happy life. One day, in a weak moment, Kannama almost gives herself to Cheenu who is a womaniser. He learns of Subbiah's problem and starts torturing Kannama. How does Kannama deal with this problem? Does she leave Subbiah to marry Cheenu? Does she teach Cheenu a lesson? All this is revealed in the latter part of the movie. "

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