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Kanti ( 2004 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Kanti Murali and Reema Ramya Both are in love. But her brother opposes. He is a rabid supporter of the Marathi lobby.Debutant director Bharat has an explosive subject in the love affair between a Kannadiga boy and a Marathi girl in a hostile environment.The film is shot in Belgaum which has a mix of Kannada and Marathi-speaking populations and has been at the centre of a fierce border and language dispute. The politicians of Karnataka and Maharashtra are keeping the dispute alive and Bharat drives this point home forcefully.The first half of the film focuses on comedy dance and action sequences which are well shot. The scenes which portray love blossoming between engineering student Kanti Murali and Reema Ramya show a sensitive director at work.The villain of the piece is Reemas brother a rabid supporter of the Marathi lobby. The romance takes a political turn when Samblekar a Marathi-speaking politician Govind Namdev wants to exploit the situation. Finally the lovers are united by the support extended by the superintendent of police played by Avinash.

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