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Karunthel Kannayiram ( 1982 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Pen is mightier than the sword and written words have more influence than the spoken seems fit for the two brothers, Arun and Ashok, to the T. Arun (Jai Shanker) is a struggling writer, and his look-alike brother Ashok (Jaishanker again), is pursuing his studies. Arun writes poems, straight from the heart and as pure, but it has no takers. Burdened by the responsibility of educating his brother Ashok, and looking after his mother, Arun writes a sensational crime novel 'Karunthel Kannayiram', under a pseudo name, as suggested by his publisher. Meanwhile, feeling guilty of being a burden on his brother, Ashok leaves his studies halfway and decides to move to Chennai, to earn a living. He is arrested for a crime which he did not commit. He chances up on and reads the novel 'Karunthel Kannayiram', unaware that it is penned by his own brother. Influenced by the novel and driven by bitter injustice meted out to him, he escapes from prison and becomes a gangster. Ramesh, the leader of a gang makes Ashok his partner. Little does Ashok know that Ramesh is trying to get even with his brother Arun. Ramesh wants to marry Lakshmi, Arun's sweetheart! The story goes through lots of twists and turns and Arun being punished for Ashok's theft. Where does life take the two brothers? What does the future hold for both them? "

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