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Kato Vagyo Kadje ( 2000 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Kato wagiyo kalje Narshi and Dhanraj patel leaves in the village Rampur. Dhanraj is having one son Suraj and daughter. While Narshi patel is having one daughter -- kiran. Narshi patel's wife dies suddenly and left her young daughter behind. Dhanraj forces Narshi to re marry, but Narshi does not want to marry again. But due to heavy pressures from all the friends and relatives, Narshi marries to Kadvi. But Kadvi was very cunning lady and she starts torturing Narshi and his daughter Kiran. Narshi has promised Dhanraj that his daughter Kiran will get marry to his son Suraj. As the time passes, Kadvi becomes obstacles in each and everything and she dictate her terms. Narshi has become helpless he is suffering from paralysis. Now Kadvi wishes the kiran should marry to son of his elder brother. Will Kadvi be able to sabotage the marriage of Kiran and Suraj? How Kiran and Suraj will meet now? Watch this social movie Kato wagiyo kalje Gujarati Movie : Kato Vagyo Kalje (1998) Producer : Keshav Patel Director : Govind Sakariya Music : Brij Joshi Lyrics : Jaswant Gangani Singer : Praful Dave, Arvind Barot, Vatsala Patil, Vanita Gadadra, Foram Mehta, Sanjay Oza Star Cast : Naresh Kanodia, Roma Manek, Devendra Pandit, Jayandra Mehta, Ramesh Mehta "

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