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Keladi Kanmani ( 1990 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " The movie begins with the love-hate relationship between Anu (Anju) and Sasi (Ramesh Aravind). We also see that Anu is a motherless child, reared by an understanding father, A.R.R (S.P. Balasubrahmanyam). As the relationship between Anu and Sasi gradually blossoms into love, Anu's intuition tells her that something is going to go wrong. True to her feelings, she is diagnosed with a terminal disease. After coming to terms with the fact that death is at her doorstep, Anu expresses her last wish to Sasi. She wants to find Sharada (Radhika), who once wanted to marry her father A.R.R (S.P. Balasubrahmanyam), but had to part ways because of Anu's stubbornness. Sasi leaves no stone unturned in finding Sharada. Secretly everyone hopes that Anu will survive. But will she? "

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