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Kelkkatha Sabdam ( 1982 ) , Malayalam

Synopsis: "Kelkkatha Sabdam dubbed version of Tamil movie Satham Podathey.Bhanu who is married to Rathnavelu.The latter is a railway employee and an active sportsman.Their life takes a wild turn,when Rathnavelu is diagnosed as an impotent by a doctor.Unfortunately the couple plans to go for mutual separation.Bhanu decides to adopt a child and ensure that they stay together.An insecure Rathnavelu goes wild as he started hating the child.Bhanu is shocked when she comes to know that Rathnavelu knows about his physical impediment even before their wedding.When she starts to lead an independent life,she comes across Ravichandran who is a happy-go-lucky youngster,who impresses her.When things gets rosy for Bhanu,fate takes a turn with the return of Rathnavelu.The rest is narrated in a lengthy climax."

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