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Kencho Khoondte Keute ( 1993 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali film Kencho Khoondte Keute was released in the year 1993 starring Chiranjeet, Indrani Halder, Utpal Dutta & others. The Bengali Film Is Directed By Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Anupam Dutta scored the music in this Film. The story is as Paroma (Indrani Haldar) is the grand daughter of old Gayanodaranjan. She lost her childhood playmate Ananda (Chiranjeet), son of their maid servant, in her childhood. From then she has become stubborn by nature. Gayanodaranjan died leaving a will with a certain condition that Paroma will get half of the property it she becomes a divorcee or widow within one month of her marriage. Else her husband will get everything. She starts now to find a foolish man who will obey her after their marriage. At last she finds Haridas Pal (Chiranjeet). Paroma's masked enemy, her manager tries to kill Ananda for his property when they come to know that Haridas is Ananda. Finally Ananda succeeds to be beat Paroma's tenaciousness and hand over her manager to the police. At last Ananda decides to leave with Paroma at this house. The movie's ends happily. Visit us at "

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