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Kesuda No Rang ( 1987 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Kesudano rang Thakor Junjaarsangh is cruel ruler. He is a womanizer and has spoiled life of many innocent girls of his province. One village chief Maldev becomes the father of sweet girl Tejal. But wife of Maldev dies after giving birth to Tejal. As the time passes, Tejal turns to a beautiful girl. Tejal falls in to love of handsome Ranmal. But the villagers of Tejal were not aware that Ranmal was a servant of cruel Thakor Junjaarsangh. There Thakor Junjaarsangh comes to know that Ranaml is now on the side of his arch rivals. So he sends his special man Najanaag to kill Ranamal. In this fight, father of Tejal's best friend Somal- loose his life. Tejal promise Somal's father that she will take care of Somal's husband at the cost of her own life. Now, Najanaag change his look and on false identity marries to Somal.At one moment of time Najanaag to save him throws his wife somal in the cruel hands of Thakor Junjaarsangh. To save her self-respect, Somal beheads her husband Najanaag and becomes sati. Now Ranmal and Tejal vow to finish Thakor Junjaarsangh. Watch this interesting movie about love, promise and revenge. "

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