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Khaidi ( 1983 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " This film is an action thriller showing Chiranjeevi as a megastar. The film begins with Suryam's (Chiranjeevi) escape from the police station. Veerabhadraiah (Raogopal Rao) is a feudal lord presiding over a village along with his Hench men which includes his assistant (Rallapalli) and the village sarpanch (Nutan Prasad). Veerabhadraiah lends money to Venkateswarlu (P. L. Narayana) who is a local farmer living with his widowed daughter (Sangeetha). His son, Sooryam (Chiranjeevi) is a hard working student living in the nearby city and falls in love with Veerabhadraiah's daughter - Madhulatha (Madhavi). Realising this Veerabhadraiah tells Venkateswarlu to ask his son to move from his daughters life but Venkateswarlu denies. Veerabhadraiah kills Venkateswarlu and asks Sooryam to pay the money which he had given as a loan. Sooryam asks for some time and with the help of his elder sister raises crops to repay the money. As the crops are ready for harvest Veerabhadraiah and his hench men not only destroys the crop but also try to sexually abuse Sooryam's sister and she commits suicide. Being the village head, Veerabhadraiah blames Sooryam for the death of his sister by blaming him for forcing her into prostitution due to which his sister commits suicide. Sooryam is arrested by the Police. The rest of the movie deals with how Sooryam escapes from jail with the help of Dr. Sujatha (Sumalatha) who avenges the decimation of his family, In the end he kills Veerabhadraiah and the munsif before surrendering them to the police. "

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