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Khaidi Inspector ( 1995 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " The story opens with Seetharamaraju(suman) who produced in court under murder case. Court gives Death Sentence as judgement to seetharamaraju.Before few days remained to hang him, a lady asked him to kill RamiReddy and helped him to getout of jail to do that task. Seetharamaraju planned and killed RamiReddy,when he is taking oath as minister. Then he escapes from police and went to his home when he lived once. Then the flashback reveals that he is a strict police officer who cannot bare illegal activities and murders done by Ramireddy and want to stop his activities. Rami Reddy killed everyone of his family and sent seetharamaraju under that murder case to jail.Rest of the stroy you can see in the movie. "

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