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Khaidi Kalidasu ( 1977 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Khaidi Kalidasu is a 70's Telugu movie starring Sobhan Babu, Chandramohan and Mohan Babu. The movie starts with Jagadish who is supposedly an honest rich man and a clean-hearted guy. However all this is a facade as he is a terror called LION in the world of crime. He is the man under whom black-marketing, smuggling and robberies flourish. No-one has an idea about his evil deeds. Not even his close friend IGP Viswanath. Viswanath is very worried at the sorry state of affairs in the city and state. He requests the government to bring back Inspector Vijay bhaskar (Sobhan Babu) to the city as he is an honest and fearless cop. Vijay comes to town and starts cracking down on the criminals with an iron fist. Vijay is a widower who has two small children. Besides them, IG Viswanath loves him like his own son and treats the children as his grandchildren. After making substantial raids, Vijay comes to know that Jagadish is a corrupt man. He plans to spill the beans in front of everyone but is killed by Jagadish's men. Viswanath is heart broken and he loses hope in life. Due to a friend he comes to know that there is a ferocious prisoner Kalidas (Sobhan Babu) in a jail who resembles Vijay. Viswanath gets him released and takes him to a hill station where he attempts to transform him. But Kalidas is a tough nut to crack. However after sometime it is Vijay's sister who wins the heart of the fugitive. Kalidas is after a man who raped and murdered his sister. He makes his peace with Viswanath and slowly but steadily transforms into a police inspector. He manages to win the heart of Sujata and even the kids of Vijay accept him as their father. He finds the truth behind the Vijay's murder and brings Jagadish to Justice. "

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