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Khwahish ( 2005 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Khwahish is a 2003 Indian Bollywood film directed by Govind Menon. The film stars Himanshu Malik and Mallika Sherawat in leading roles. Sherawat made her acting debut in the film. This is a Hindi remake of Love Story. Amar (Malik), rich, stubborn, meets Lekha (Sherawat) in a shop. While Lekha is poor, (the daughter of chicken farmer). When Amar and Lekha study in college, they spend time together and finally fall in love. After the exams, Amar cannot take the separation and proposes to her. Her father Ulas befriends with Amar and accepts the marriage. However, Amar's father does not as he wants him to complete his studies first before getting married. Amar breaks contact with his father and marries Lekha. The married couple move into their new little home but after days of happiness and good times, medical reports indicate Lekha has leukemia. The rest of the plot follows their coping with this cruel reality."

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