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Kidnap ( 2006 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Balaiah (Surya) is tourist guide by day and a thief by night. Balaiah and his friend, Satyaraj (Satyan) are a carefree bunch who live for today. One day Satyaraj comes up with a gig, to rob a fancy bungalow. During the heist, Balaiah realizes that the house they're robbing belongs to his favorite actress, Jyothika. So, they decide to leave their loot behind just when Jyothika herself walks in on them and panics. She calls the cops and has them arrested. Balaiah is later released and life resumes for him but keeps running into Jyothika a lot. She insults him infront of a group of tourists and he loses his day job because of this. To get back at her, Balaiah intentionally irks her by showing up everywhere she would normally go. Fed up with his antics, she makes her manager file charges against Balaiah for attempted rape which gets him three month prison time. When he's out the slammer, he decides to teach her a lesson and kidnaps her and keeps her hostage in a cop's house for seven days. During this time, Jyothika sees Balaiah for who he really is and actually becomes fond of him. The story takes quite a funny twist towards the end but eventually, the hero always gets the girl! "

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