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Kisaan ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "When Dayal Singh realizes that his village would need legal protection against people attempting to cheat them, he sends his elder son Aman (Arbaaz Kahn) to the city to become a lawyer, while his younger son Jigar (Sohail Khan) stays on the farm with him to work. When Sohan Seth (Dalip Tahil) attempts to buy out the farmland belonging to the villagers, using force if necessary, Aman returns home to defend his friends and family. In a dramatic turn of events, Jigar ends up in prison for five years. On his release, he returns to find Aman living with his new love Priya (Diya Mirza) in the city, and his father bedridden. Brother fights brother as Aman tries to convince the farmers to sell their land to Sohan. When tragedy occurs in the village, Aman and Jigar have to choose sides and fight for what they believe is right. "

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