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Kishen Kanhaiya ( 1990 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Leela and Bholaram are a childless couple. Leela works as a midwife, and one day assists Sunderdas' wife to give birth to twin boys. She decides to keep one baby for herself, and tells Sunderdas that his wife has given birth to one child. There are complications for the mother, and she passes away without seeing her children. Leela and Bholaram bring up Kanhaiya (Anil Kapoor), while Sunderdas raises Kishen (Anil Kapoor). Sundedas marries Kamini, in order to give a mother to his son, but the step mother along with Ghendamal (Amrish Puri) and her illegitimate son Ramesh, bring up Kishen with abuse and torture. One day Kishen runs away with his lady love Radha (Shila Shirodkar), and Ghendamal and Ramesh get Kanhaiya in the house, thinking its Kishen. Tables are now turned on stepmother-brother duo, as Kanhaiya teaches them a lesson.

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