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Kizhakke Poghum Rail ( 1978 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Panchali, an innocent girl, arrives at her sister's house in the village, travelling by the east-bound train. Here, she meets Paramjothi, an aspiring poet whom the village folk have branded as a useless fellow. Love blossoms between Paramjothi and Panchali. Soon, Paramjothi has to leave for the city where he wants to try his hand in film industry. He gets a lucky break and becomes hugely successful. Both the lovers' lives revolve around the east-bound train in which they exchange their messages. Meanwhile, Panchali's brother-in-law tries to trap her and marry her. Soon, disaster strikes the village in the form of natural calamity, but both the lovers escape the villagers' wrath with the help of the east-bound train. "

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