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Kora Kagaz ( 1974 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: The film explores how the materialistic notions of a woman almost drives the happy married life of her daughter to a self-made and self-respecting professor on the rocks. The couple, who are both headstrong, however, get re-united after much stress and strain on getting divorced from each other. Archana (Jaya Bhaduri), an educated daughter of a retired Principal, loves and learns to love a professor Sukhesh (Vijay Anand). This love born out of intellectual impacts, supported by the fond of hopes of her father leads to matrimonial alliance. Archana's mother is of a different class with materialistic notions of life and she too unwillingly gives her consent to the marriage of her daughter. Though a dutiful loving wife of a sweet husband, Archana is very much the daughter of her mother, who with all good intentions intervenes in the day to day life of the couple. Understanding leads to mis-understandings and the lovers start mis-interpreting each other's sentiments. This ultimately leads to a separation, both of them arent prepared for.

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