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Kotha Bangaru Lokam ( 2008 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " The film is based on a book. Balu (Varun Sandesh) is son of lovable middle-class couple (Prakash Raj & Jayasudha). Swapna (Shweta Basu Prasad) is the daughter of a strict and rich father. Both of them study in a residential college located at Visakhapatnam. Balu and Swapna fall in love. Swapna is taken away from the college after a picture of them gets published in the newspaper. Balu is told that, in order to write his exam, he has to bring his father to the college. He goes home and tells his parents a completely different story. While his parents keep thinking that he is studying for his exam he is busy daydreaming about Swapna and looking for her. At last he brings his father to the college, not to write the exam but to see Swapna! His father is clueless what is happening and still believes Balu. Balu meets Swapna and her parents. Swapna's parents arrange another marriage for her. When Balu's father comes to know what is actually happening he thinks his child should be dealt with love rather than fear. Hello friends, Now You can follow your favorite star ""Varun Sandesh"" on his Audio blog and get his daily activity updates directly from him. All you need to do is Dial 56665456 or *5456* and subscribe Now.....Cheers "

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